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Malcontent Media Productions Obtains Film Rights Option For Tracks

For Immediate Release

Malcontent Media Productions is pleased to announce an agreement has been made with multi award winning playwright and monologist TJ Dawe. The agreement is over the film rights option for the one man show entitled Tracks. Tracks is based on The Road, a mostly out of print autobiographical work by Jack London, author of such books as The Call of The Wild and White Fang. This one man theatre piece, first performed in 2002, is about the time that Jack London was homeless and living life as a hobo during the economic depression of the mid 1890s. The intention is to film the one man performance, as opposed to a conventional narrative adaptation.

When asked about this work, TJ Dawe has this to say: “I started reading Jack London when I was a UVic student, after flipping through an anthology of his work at the student bookstore. Later I borrowed his obscure memoir The Road and read it backstage while doing a summer gig at the Royal BC Museum. The stories blew me away, and sometimes I’d read passages to my cast mates between scenes, and notice their jaws were on the floor. That led to turning it into my most unusual monologue, which, to this day, some people tell me is their favourite of all my work. It’s thrilling to think these obscure but exciting stories can live again and reach even more people.”

Malcolm Johnstone, the President of the company and the planned director of the filmed version, said “The more I read both the play and work it’s based on, the more relevant I find it becomes today. Plus it’s one of the very few theatre pieces that I have seen where I want to film it exactly as it is. From minute one, I could see this exactly as a filmed performance.”

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