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Malcontent Media - Jesse Ladret

"Jesse has done a great amount of work for me over the years in a prompt, professional manner. From show posters that demand great patience and detail from artists such as Dick Dale, who are very specific with the work they want done, to logos and album design that demand hours of attention and numerous drafts. I recommend him as an artist and designer with enough amplitude to match the scale and depth of any project set before him."

- Mihkel Kaup
Booking & event coordinator

Malcontent Media: Propaganda For The People
Malcontent Media is the guise in which graphic Designer Jesse Ladret works. Specializing in web and print design, Malcontent Media's primary objective is to create stunning, original work that is as eye-catching as it is affordable.

Services Include:

- Illustration
- Graphic Design
- Packaging
- Web Design
- Logo & Identity
- Custom Artwork
- CD/DVD/LP Layouts
- Book & magazine Layouts
- Posters
- Ad campaigns

Malcontent Media was founded under the belief that art and design services should be accessible to all who desire it without dealing with hidden costs, high overhead or redundant rhetoric, but instead be able to get their message out to the masses in a way that is unique, precise and very distinctive.

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