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I have been using Jesse Ladret at Malcontent Media for all my design needs for going on eight years now. I find Jesse's work simply stands above the crowd! He can always take what I have in my mind and get it to finished design with seemingly little effort, not an easy task if you saw the descriptio ns I give him. Unique and bold graphics along with attention to detail and timely work turnaround s have always left me a thoroughly satisfied customer."

- Steve Barrie
Musician / production /stage/ technical director

Malcontent Media is a one man graphic design agency that specializes in original, creative and attention grabbing work that serves those who wish to stand apart from the crowd. From branding for small startups to hand drawn Gig Poster art - Malcontent Media has something to offer anybody who wants to get noticed. Contact me today.

Recent News:
A lot going these days. Just updated the portfolio page with a lot of new clients and designs. In other news I have a few artistic exhibitions in the works. I will post details as they develope. I'm also in the early stages of developing a new Podcast. So check back for details.

Salty Broad Productions


A new season and a newly revamped web site. I've been working on a lot of new stuff, so check out what's new over on the Portfolio page.

Graphic Design: Woodshack Amber Ale

Design Spotlight:
Business Card Design for Brianna Chatwin: Permanent Illustration

My latest design endeavour for Brianna Chatwin, a local Victoria stick & Poke tattoo artist. Inspired by the style of old fortune teller machines of the past - my objective was to create a business card that was laid out in a simple easy to read format while also using imagery to peak people's curiousity. To see some of her handy work check out her instagram feed here

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